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  • Fear Aggression Training
    Pet’s who have fear aggression towards other dogs or people typically 30 sessions maybe required. This Is For Pets Who Have Behavioral Issues: 30 Pkg - Free Wash & Blowout 1 Free Pass To Daycare Such as Aggression, Fears/Phobia’s, Hyper-Arousal, etc. Behavior Modification is the type of training that will actually change the way the dog views his own behavior with the eventuality of the dog offering a conditioned *Desirable Behavior* to replace the previously displayed *Undesirable Behavior* *Pricing on Behavior Modification* 30 - One hour sessions $2,916 Tax included in price A training collar is included with each package. You May Use These Session At Any Time. They Do Not Expire!!! ( Tax is included in price ) 40 Sessions $3,672 50 Sessions $4,950 *Best Deal If You Have More Then One Fur Baby* Remember! Pet Owner ( Handler ) Must Be Present For These Training Sessions and At least 3 Training Sessions Minimum Per Week. **Consistently In Training Is Crucial** 5- 1hr Training Classes for Follow Up Or For The Top Basic Commands: $729. Tax is included with price. Look, Sit , Heel, Stay, Down We Also Train In German Commands
  • Pet and Handler 1hr Training Sessions
    10 Pkg Free Wash & Blowout 20 Pkg Free Wash & Blowout & 1 Free Half Day Of DayCare: When Graduated A training collar is Free with each package. A $34.00 Dollar Value. ( You may have your whole family involved in the training. Even your nanny or maid. Whom ever lives in the household should be trained ) Obedience Training Training a dog in obedience can be an ongoing and lengthy process depending on the dog, Most pets require 10 - 20 sessions for basic obedience. This is for dogs WITHOUT Behavioral Issues Obedience Training can be a great way to enhance the working relationship between owner and dog and build in compliance to Verbal Commands. “Look” “Sit” “Down” “Stay” “Heel” “Wait” “Come” “Off” “Drop it” “Out” “Leave it” “Place,” “Stand” “No” This type of Training work’s ONLY when the owner/handler/Trainer is present to provide the Verbal Command Price List: Obedience Training 10 - One hour sessions $1,188 Tax Included in price 20 - One hour sessions $2,160 Tax Included in price We Also Train In German Commands
  • Meet and Greet: How to Properly Greet a Dog ($15/student)
    Do you love greeting every dog you meet? Or does interacting with dogs sometimes make you nervous? Our body language says a lot to dogs whether we realize it or not. In this class, you will learn how to respond when either you approach a dog, or a dog approaches you. This class is for dog and non-dog owners alike and will have hands on meet and greet practice for students.
  • Body Language ($15/student)
    Do you ever wish you could understand what your dog is saying to you? This class will teach you how to speak dog! Dog’s communicate primarily through body language. It is our job to learn that language, along with teaching them ours. Class will have demonstrations and examples of canine body language and explanations of how to properly respond to what your dog is telling you! You will also go home with a body language booklet!
  • Children and New Pets Class
    Top Ten Things Every Child Should Know Before Having Their First Pets This class teaches children on understanding why these steps are so important for having a healthy and happy pet: $10.00 per class 1. Walking, exercise, bathing, and tooth brushing for your pet 2. Feeding your pet only pet food and not human food and the dangers of human food 3. Making heathy treats 4. Importance of potty training in one designated area. In house or outside on porch or yard. 5. The importance of having a doctor (veterinarian) for your pet 6. Knowing a dogs behavioral body language 7. How to speak basic commands to your pet 8. Why to leave your pet alone when they are eating 9. Caution signals when your pet is saying I had enough 10. Loyalty with unconditional love from your pet; your pet will never let you down and why they become your best friend and part of the family
  • Healthy Eating Habits for Pets
    Danger’s of table food Food you should Never feed your pet and why these foods are life threatening to your pet Healthy table food Food you can feel Safe giving your pet. Healthy treats Making your own healthy treats for your pet and why they are much better than store bought treats
  • CPR Training
    Learning CPR could help save your pets life. Individual $20.00 per Adult 18 & over Individual $10.00 per child 12 to 18 Family pack of four 2 adults & 2 children 12 & up $46.00 $6.00 dollars more per family member
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